This depends entirely on the nature of the intended work and whether your property has already been extended in the past. We don’t deal with this directly; you may not need planning permission if your proposal falls within what is called ‘Permitted Development’. If you are planning quite a substantial extension your architect will definitely be able to help you through the planning application process as they generally have very good links with the town planners. This website is a good starting point to understand the process, and this website links to a page on Surrey County Council’s website where you can find the relevant link for your district or borough.

Permitted Development Rights allow householders to improve and extend their homes without the need to apply for planning permission. This website gives much more information.

If you want to be certain that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission, you can apply for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ (LDC).
It is not compulsory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning control purposes. This website gives more information.

That depends on what you want to do. If you want a major rework of your house, or a sizeable extension, then you may well need an architect. We work with a number of local architects and can put you in touch with a few so that you can discuss your ambitions directly with them and get the ball moving with some designs/ideas.

If what you want is just internal alterations you won’t need to pay an architect; we can help design and plan out your requirements and we have structural engineers on hand who will design and specify any required structural steelwork and will then supply drawings for local authority building control.

Yes, it can do. Starting ground work in the winter isn’t always a great idea, but the UK weather is so unpredictable sometimes that we can usually work around any inclemency.

Of course you can. We can recommend items that work well with your designs if you would like us to.

We handle all of this. Thomas Jensen, as Project Manager, has years of experience and excellent trading relationships with all the most appropriate suppliers. Ordering and delivery of all materials and supplies is timed to coincide with the relevant stage of each build or fit-out, so we always ensure that the correct quantity of everything is available at the time it is needed.

No you don’t. We deal with all of this, planning accordingly to link up to the mains inlet and waste water system to ensure adequate flow.

Of course. This is all covered by our dedicated sub-contractors; they all hold their relevant Electricians Part P and Gas SAFE qualifications/certifications. All Public Liabilities Insurances are held and certificates can be provided.

That depends on whether we’re building a single-storey or double-storey extension, but everything is carefully calculated and handled accordingly. They are all designed by structural engineers and approved by local authority building control.

Yes – we deal with all the elements of a building project, which includes preparing the ground in advance of the build starting. If this involves the demolition of an existing building, all waste is appropriately disposed of; trees, tree roots, hedges or other obstructions are removed as required.

Absolutely. We have carried out a number of projects in conservation areas and AONBs, and work closely with the appropriate authorities to ensure adherence to all rules and regulations.

Most definitely. All tradesmen are provided with, or have their own, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), and Thomas Jensen is a qualified First Aider should the need arise.

We work to the JCT Home Owner Contract. This provides a legally binding contract between you and us to give both sides protection, and means we take no deposit, with invoices raised on valuation of work carried out on a monthly basis.

If the work you require is the remodelling of your existing internal space, then yes we almost certainly can. For new builds, extensions or major renovation/extension work you will need an architect but we can give you a list of several reputable architects with whom we have worked before.

We work with several interior designers, and can give you a list of recommended names so you can pursue the avenue you prefer.

Probably, yes. But whilst it is hard to work around ‘live-in’ owners during a renovation it is not impossible. We give a fairly accurate estimation of the time we expect a project to take, based on experience, which makes it much easier for you to plan alternative accommodation while we are on site.

That depends on the location of your property relative to your boundaries, and the work to be carried out. We are happy to discuss access with them if needs be, and will always be considerate to your neighbours irrespective.

This will depend on the nature of the work, but generally we will have to carry material through the house, or lift very large items like major structural steelwork over the top with a crane.

Should a problem arise which could not be adequately resolved, we would resort to the JCT Home Owner Contract which both you and we sign in advance of work beginning. However, we have never had a problem since we founded in 1988 that couldn’t be easily and amicably resolved.

We only work on one main project at a time. This means that Thomas Jensen, as the Project Manager, has full control and understanding of what is happening at all times, therefore making it easier to deliver the project on time and in exact accordance with the expectations.

Yes, we do. Public liability insurance Cover is £5 million.

These vary from trade to trade. Roofs, for example, range from 10 to 20 years. If there are plumbing or electrical issues these tend to manifest themselves straight away (ie at installation time, before we have even handed over to you); however, if there are any issues we will still go in up to a couple of years after completion. Again, we normally work to a JCT Home Owner Contract which is usually supplied by the architect, and which has either a 3- or 6-month defects liability clause.

Thomas Jensen, founder and owner of the business, is always the Project Manager. This ensures you have one point of contact with the person who you have actually employed to undertake the project, however large or small, and that we can keep firm control over progress, timing and delivery.

Yes. The quote we provide will be broken down into materials and labour, with a detailed breakdown of costs in all areas. This enables both you and us to ensure that the specification is as expected. There are occasions in any project, however (particularly with old-home renovations), where unforeseen problems might crop up and which might therefore require a reassessment of costs. However, it is highly likely that we will be able to pre-empt the possibility of this, based on experience, and suggest a contingency if needs be.